Bushkill Park Flood
September 18, 2004

On Saturday, September 18th, the banks of the Bushkill Creek overflowed into Bushkill Park causing extensive damage and covering the park in mud. Below are just a few images taken three days later. In these pictures, the park has already cleaned up much of the major debris and are hard at work to restore it to the place we know and love.


New (added 9-23-2004) The next five pictures have been sent to RideZone courtesy of Wayne Smith. They show just how much water was running through the park.

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The sign that faces Park Avenue looking across what would normally be a small creek.

This is also looking across from park Avenue just to the left of the Bushkill sign. The parking lot is in the background.
This is the train shed.

These pavilions are at a level that is the same as much of the park.

Note the depth of water under the pavilions.
RideZone wishes to thank Wayne Smith for providing these photos which clearly show what the park went through on Saturday, September 18th.
The images below are from September 21, 2004 and show the aftermath of the flooding and the extent of the damage.

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This is the park entrance

The Boat Ride with mud on the boats

This was the Haunted Pretzel building

The train tracks behind the Pretzel

Miniature train tracks along the creek

This was the fenced in miniature golf course

A park truck

The miniature train storage shed

Pretzel darkride cars (from LeCachot)

Maintenance area behind the Carousel

A tree on the Boat Ride

A ticket booth
A very special thank you to the owners and staff of Bushkill Park.

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