Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom Photos
Allentown, PA

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Dominator - New for 1999

The photo on the left shows the new for 1999 Dominator ride at Dorney Park.  Below: A Steel Force train crests the second hill as day turns to night on opening day 1999.Steel Force second hill at dusk
The photo on the right shows the first drop of
Thunderhawk with Steel Force towering to the left. Below, The first drop of Steel Force is not straight in order to intensify the wonderful floating that the ride provides.

[Steel Force]

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[Thunderhawk on right side]

Steel Force lift hill Steel Force bunny hops
Thunderhawk Above left: The huge Steel Force lift hill dwarfs the 1924 Thunderhawk. Above: as seen from the employees parking lot, the bunny hops on the return path of Steel Force are larger than the lift hill on some coasters. Left: Thunderhawk is zipping around the back turnaround, part of it's 1929 addition.
Laser Left: For 1999, Laser gets a new paint job and new trains as well. As seen here, the ride is now Purple and Lime Green. The new trains look pretty cool too.
Small Carousel
Above: The race cars shown here were transplanted from Cedar Point. Also shown is the small carousel setup just below the parks antique Dentzel Carousel. Below: Coasters Drive-In is the coolest place to eat in the park (on hot days, literally) and a kiddie ride gets ready to serve future coaster enthusiasts.
Coasters Drive-In Kiddie Ride


The park still has an Eli Bridge Scrambler which is in great condition and continues to thrill. Below left: The Swan Boats have been in several location but still remain popular as a nice way to relax: Below right: The Wave Swinger in the evening.
Swan Boats Wave Swinger in the evening

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