Knoebel's Amusement Resort Photos
Elysburg, PA

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knoeb03.jpg (20443 bytes)This is the old entrance to "Knoebel's Grove" which is now in the middle of the park. The road in front of this entrance has recently been closed to public traffic. A new, more direct route (Knoebel's Parkway) is now provided to the main parking lot.
knoeb04.jpg (35232 bytes)The Phoenix wooden roller coaster was moved to Knoebel's in 1985 from Playland Amusement Park in San Antonio, Texas. This was the test that proved major wooden coasters could be moved. It sparked off a series of endangered coasters being moved to better homes in the following years.

The Rocket was originally built at Playland Amusement Park in San Antonio, Texas by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company (PTC) in 1947. It was designed by Herb Schmeck who is credited with some of PTC's best coasters.

Since it was rebuilt at Knoebel's in 1985, the Phoenix has consistently been rated as one of the best wooden coasters in the USA.

knoeb23.jpg (15836 bytes)The Phoenix is surrounded by trees, lots of them. The antique auto ride runs through the structure of the coaster.
knoeb19.jpg (35417 bytes)In 1993, the Whirlwind steel corkscrew coaster replaced the parks Jet Star coaster, which moved on to Wildwood, NJ. The Whirlwind itself came from Playland in Rye, New York. The Whirlwind was originally manufactured by Vekoma International in 1984.
knoeb14.jpg (52393 bytes)The High Speed Thrill Coaster appears to be a kids ride but packs a punch for adult riders as well. It was built by the Overland Construction Company in 1955. This coaster has become a favorite of coaster enthusiasts, possably the smallest coaster to do so. A boat ride passes under the coaster.
knoeb07.jpg (25636 bytes)Knoebel's Haunted Mansion dark ride consistently rates as one of the best in the USA. It is a fairly long ride that covers both floors of the mansion. The Haunted Mansion was built by the park staff with components from two of Pennsylvania's defunct parks - West View Park and Rolling Green Park.
knoeb01.jpg (30969 bytes)1001 Nacht (1001 Nights).
knoeb05.jpg (55287 bytes)The Flume was installed in 1990.
knoeb17.jpg (40252 bytes)The Grand Carousel came from Riverview Park, Rahway, New Jersey in 1941. It is manufactured by the Kremer Carousel Works and is in near perfect condition.
knoeb10.jpg (31575 bytes)The Grand Carousel is one of the few remaining that still has a ring machine. This is where the phrase "catch the brass ring" comes from. If you catch the brass ring that is included with all the steel rings, you get a repeat free ride. This was once common on carousels everywhere but has all but disappeared today. It is really a lot of fun as can be evidenced by everyone trying to get an outside horse.
knoeb09.jpg (26099 bytes)When wandering around Knoebel's, you never know where you are going to find a Band Organ playing away. The park has at least four now of which all were playing on a recent Saturday. Like almost  everything else, they are fully restored and functional. Knoebel's also provides them with the excellent care they require.
knoeb12.jpg (27974 bytes)The Axis was added for the 1997 season. This is one of those rides that twists and turns you upside down all different ways. The ride was recently (1998) moved onto the roadway which previously ran through the park.
knoeb13.jpg (27910 bytes)The Galleon swinging ship ride moved to Knoebel's in 1988. It was previously located at Benson's Animal Farm in New Hampshire.
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knoeb18.jpg (23839 bytes)If you are a fan of Bumper Cars, these are some of the best. These are the older style, heavier Lusse Auto Scooters and they just don't putt putt around like many in operation today. These cars really move around the track.
knoeb20.jpg (50980 bytes)Knoebel's Roll-O-Plane (also known as the Satellite) originally came from Kennywood Park in West Mifflin, PA.
knoeb21.jpg (38307 bytes)Another new addition for 1998 is a modern version of the classic Shoot the Chutes ride - Skloosh. When the boat arrives at the bottom, it creates the huge wave shown in the photo below.
knoeb22.jpg (16011 bytes)The "splashdown" creates a huge wall of water which "attack" bystanders on the bridge at the ride. You will get wet!
knoeb24.jpg (24939 bytes)Knoebel's Bumper Boats are shaded by a large tent over half the pool.
knoeb08.jpg (26627 bytes)The Knoebel's Train ride is one of the longest anywhere (1.5 miles long), taking you quite far out in to the woods and away from the park. On crowded days they run three trains on this track.

The train will now (as of 1999) take you directly under the Twister structure. The Twister is Knoebel's new wooden coaster for 1999.

knoeb26.jpg (17084 bytes)Old Smokey is Knoebel's other train ride (yes, they have two) located near the kiddie ride section. Even though it is a shorter ride than the one above, it is still a good length ride.

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