Lakemont Park
Altoona, PA

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Lakemont Park - Altoona, PA
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carousel.jpg (16650 bytes) The Carousel
casino.jpg (9903 bytes) The Casino
ferris1.jpg (26845 bytes) Ferris Wheel
flyswing.jpg (22845 bytes) Flying Swings
gocart1.jpg (14591 bytes) Racetrack and Skyliner
kcoaster.jpg (16509 bytes) Kiddie Coaster
madmous1.jpg (14582 bytes) Mad Mouse
monster2.jpg (13308 bytes) Monster
museum1.jpg (14481 bytes) Lakemont Park Museum
ponyshoe.jpg (18684 bytes) The Train at Ponyshoe Curve
racetrk1.jpg (16566 bytes) Racetrack adn Skyliner
ride01.jpg (15741 bytes)
roundup.jpg (25055 bytes) Round Up
scooter1.jpg (20281 bytes) Old Bumper Car in the Lakemont Museum
scrambl1.jpg (15210 bytes) Scrambler
scramblr.jpg (12119 bytes) Scrambler
skydive1.jpg (41486 bytes) Skydiver
skydive3.jpg (27980 bytes) Skydiver
skydive5.jpg (12342 bytes) Skydiver car
skylin1.jpg (31047 bytes) First drop on the Skyliner
skylin2.jpg (40376 bytes) Dip on the Skyliner
skylin3.jpg (28081 bytes) First Drop on the Skyliner
skylin4.jpg (41073 bytes) Back side of Skyliner near the new stadium
skylin5.jpg (21272 bytes) Dogleg section of Skyliner
skylin88.jpg (15353 bytes) Full view of Skyliner from 1988
tilt.jpg (12880 bytes) Tilt-A-Whirl
toboggan.jpg (18716 bytes) Toboggan
traincp1.jpg (14953 bytes) Train
traincp2.jpg (12871 bytes) Train
twister.jpg (18413 bytes) Twister
waterpk1.jpg (15022 bytes) Waterpark
wslide1.jpg (14756 bytes) Water Slides
wslide2.jpg (16769 bytes) Water Slides

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