RideZone's Lightning RacerTM dueling photos
A New Racing/Dueling Wood Roller Coaster at Hersheypark® in Hershey, PA

May 13/14, 2000 Photos

by Joel Styer

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Hersheypark bills the Lightning Racer as the first racing/dueling coaster and both aspects provide fun. The dueling aspect is pretty neat and the opposite train flies by pretty fast.
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The first turn around is where the trains first meet point toward each other.

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The second meet is behind and above the station in a twisted mass of wood.

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Both trains enter the turn.

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As they pass, they are within feet of each other.

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The last duel point is near the end of the ride.

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Both trains come over a hill and suddenly turn toward each other.

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Looks pretty convincing from the midway.

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The two trains leave their last duel and race toward the finish line.

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