RideZone's Lightning RacerTM finale photos
A New Racing/Dueling Wood Roller Coaster at Hersheypark® in Hershey, PA

May 13/14, 2000 Photos

by Joel Styer

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On the Lightning racer, the race is a much fun as the ride. First your racing, then dueling, then racing, then dueling again and finally racing to the finish. A variety of factor affect which train will be the winner and cannot be predicted at the start unless one train exits the lift hill well before the other. The computerized controls automatically vary the speed of the Thunder lift hill to make the trains run very close together. It is just plain fun!
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Heading toward the finish line - just one more hill, a double up.

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The two trains are just about to the finish line.

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Lightning wins and the person in the front seat is really serious about it. Thunder is pretty far back, out of the photo.

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Lightning wins again and everyone enjoyed the race.

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This time Thunder has the advantage.

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