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A new for 2001 B&M Hyper Coaster at Six Flags™ Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ

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March 27, 2001. These first four photos of Nitro™ have been added courtesy of Bret Bekiarian, who has provided all the previous shots and the excellent aerial shown below.

Construction is winding down toward the opening of the ride. All views are from the parking lot. Enjoy...

The above photo shows the full layout of Nitro™. The ride enters into previously undeveloped areas of vast Six Flags Great Adventure™. Note the size of the buildings behind Nitro. GASM is seen in the upper right with Batman™ and Robin™ The Chiller™ and Batman™ the Ride in front of it.

A lot can be seen in this photo as well. Mid left is Nitro, Batman and Robin The Chiller is the red and blue area left of center and Batman the Ride is between that and Nitro. GASM is in the upper right with the parachute tower in front of it. At the very top of the photo is the relatively new Hurricane Harbor waterpark.  Be sure to look at these photos closely, they show a lot of how the park is built and the support facilities out of the main theme park area. 


Another view of the park and the new ride. For those who know how big the park is, it is obvious this not a small ride. It looks pretty cool going out into the peninsula like that. 


To the right we will throw in a quick photo of the Nitro lift hill. It looks a lot smaller than it really is though!

The above aerial photos are courtesy of Brett Bekiarian and Jerry Katula. The photo to the right is courtesy Brett Bekiarian. All are used with permission.

Brett is the photographer and Jerry is the pilot, a combination that obviously has worked out quite well.

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Obviously, to take aerial photos you need some way to get up in the sky. Owning your own plane sure helps a lot. Shown to the left is Jerry Katula's plane, surly to be the source of many great park photos.

Please keep in mind while the pictures are credited to the photographer, Brett, Jerry has played an indispensable roll in getting those images and deserves much credit himself.

Quick Specs

Designer: Bolliger and Mabillard (B&M) of Monthey, Switzerland

Type: Steel Hyper

Height: 230 feet

Largest Drop: 215 feet

Speed: 80MPH

  Ride Location

As seen in the above photos, the ride is located behind Batman™ The Ride and heads off "into the woods".

Additional Information

Six Flags Great Adventure
PO Box 120
Jackson, NJ 08527



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