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November 02, 2000 Construction Photo Gallery - 19 photos

A New Inverted Roller Coaster at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown, PA

by Joel Styer

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talon20001102-08a.jpg (56322 bytes)

Steel erection in background and footers being poured in foreground.

talon20001102-19a.jpg (59540 bytes)

Close-up view of transfer track/brake run area.

talon20001102-02a.jpg (57860 bytes)

Another view of above.

talon20001102-12a.jpg (64033 bytes)

The season pass parking lot looks like the world's neatest Erector SetTM.

talon20001101-03a.jpg (72981 bytes)

A truck is unloading more steel.

talon20001101-24a.jpg (50990 bytes)

One of several cranes is moving steel from the truck.

talon20001101-04a.jpg (59051 bytes)

Checking the blue prints. The required precision is astounding.

talon20001101-10a.jpg (46090 bytes)

This view shows Hang Time as a point of reference

talon20001101-12a.jpg (62729 bytes)

These are some of the largest footers I have ever seen for a coaster.

talon20001101-14a.jpg (70338 bytes)

They are drilling into nice solid rock for support.

talon20001101-20a.jpg (77205 bytes)

Another view puts the size of this in perspective.

talon20001101-23a.jpg (54439 bytes)

An overview of the area from the Wildwater Kingdom side.

talon20001101-16a.jpg (66915 bytes)

The train tracks have been moved and this is just a small portion of the re-bar. Hang Time would be to the immediate left of this photo.

talon20001102-00a.jpg (39599 bytes)

Cliff and Carl show just how big the supports really are.

talon20001102-01a.jpg (30558 bytes)

Every component is clearly bar coded.

talon20001102-04a.jpg (49464 bytes)

"Wow, that's big". A look at a brake section.

talon20001102-05a.jpg (44169 bytes)

The station floor (the part that drops away).

talon20001102-16a.jpg (44691 bytes)

Another overview

This incredibly large crane is being used to raise the ride. Note it's size compared to the components already placed. There is a lot more height to go. talon20001102-14ap.jpg (30524 bytes)

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