RideZone's Talon
January 23, 2001 Construction Photo Gallery - 35 photos

A New Inverted Roller Coaster at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown, PA

by Joel Styer

Note: Due to the large number of photos on these pages, they may take a long time to load

Once again welcome to the RideZone's Talon construction page. This time we have more photos than any session before but this time with some intriguing views. This page will take a while to load if you have a dial up connection. If some photos fail to load, clicking reload should solve the problem.

As you view these photos, look closely at the spacing for the train. It will provide an amazing effect to the rider. We will start off with a couple shots of the first drop, loop and Zero G Roll and move quickly into the Immelmann, Inclined Spiral and S-Curve and revisit the station construction. Lastly, we will see a new section of track installed. Have fun...

This is the first drop.

The bottom of the first drop gets reasonably close to ground level

The bottom of the loop is just visible to the left, the Zero G Roll is top center.

Another view of the Zero G Roll

The dive from the Zero G Roll (left side) into the Immelmann

The Immelmann

View of the Immelmann looking toward Wild Water Kingdom

Straight on view of entry to Immelmann. Yes, that is a trim.

A more obscure view of the Immelmann.

Another entry view of the Immelmann.

View from Wildwater Kingdom side of the Immelmann.

Notice how the train will quickly "flip over" at the top of the Immelmann.

Inclined Loop

From the Immelmann (left) we enter the Inclined Spiral.

View of Inclined Spiral from opposite side.

View of Inclined Spiral from between Station and Transfer Table.

Close up view similar to above.

Just kinda cool. Lots of metal!


After the Inclined Spiral, we head into the S-Curve (right)

Note that things get a bit close.

View of S-Curve from other side. From here it will dive in front of the station and under the lift hill.

This coaster will give you the feeling of flying through metal.

I would probably bet a lot of people lift their legs here.

Station Construction

The station structure is built once it's track work is complete..

The station walls are growing.

Plenty of conduit for the wiring.

More Construction

Construction is moving along very quickly now. The track is well over half completed with only two major elements left to build.

Work continues on the S-Curve

The crane gently holds a track section in place while it is bolted to the support.

Workers put in the support bolts.

Workers use boom cranes to get to the work area.

The big crane lowers the next section into place while the workers prepare to position it.

It gets closer.

The new section is maneuvered around by the workers pushing it, not an easy task that high in the air at the end of a long arm.

But they quickly and accurately get the job done.

The piece is tethered to the crane in such a way that it is almost in perfect position on both ends.

Here, you can get an idea how the track is going to dive under the lift hill and around the right side of the loop.

A wider angle shot.

Article and pictures are 2001 by Joel Styer. All photos this page taken January 23, 2001

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