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February 02, 2001 Construction Photo Gallery - 15 photos

A New Inverted Roller Coaster at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown, PA

by Joel Styer

Note: Due to the large number of photos on these pages, they may take a long time to load

This time, we have some photos from outside the park. But don't let that scare you away, there is still some amazing track that has not been shown here before. There are some moments on this ride that will just be incredible. One of these has to be the dive under the lift hill which happens just after the S-curve as shown in photos below.

All but two photos were shot the afternoon of Friday, February 02 during a preview that the park held for attendees of Eastcoaster. Several dozen people turned out to see and photograph Talon. Representatives from B&M were on hand to talk about Talon and answer questions. The track was completed the previous day, Thursday, Feb 01, ahead of schedule.

The other two photos, ironically, the first and last shown here, were shot on Sunday, January 28 from along Hamilton Boulevard. I included them here since they were unique images that didn't warrant their own page.

One last note, RideZone has always tried to produce the best images possible but I must apologize in advance for the poor quality on a four of the photos (the "people" ones). There is a story here. I had somehow managed to damage my primary camera (a Canon EOS 650) after the last Talon photo session. As it turns out, one of the lenses (the wide angle) is not 100% compatible with the new camera (Canon EOS Elan 7). The exposure is always incorrect with that lens and the new camera. The exposure was somewhat digitally compensated for but the resulting deficiency in depth of field is evident. Sorry.

As always, enjoy...

We'll start off with a view from Hamilton Boulevard as we approach the park. This shot was taken on Sunday January 28. Talon will command attention.

Mark Sosnowsky, Dorney Park's excellent PR director introduces Talon to the audience.

The audience - a group of ACE members who want to see Talon for themselves from inside the parking lot.

Mark Sosnowsky introduces the two representatives from B&M who were on hand to talk about Talon and B&M. A great opportunity.

The representative from B&M (right) answers questions about Talon

The 350 foot crane, which was due to disappear on Feb 05, towers above Talon. A crane  with a boom this large made it much easier to construct Talon as less repositioning of the crane was needed since it could reach almost anywhere on the construction site. It is a major undertaking when this crane base has to be moved even a hundred feet.

One of the most amazing moments (and there are many) should be as the train comes out of the S-curve (top-left) and dives under the lift hill and swings around toward the corkscrew, just missing everything.

Close-up of the bottom. Note the quick change of angle.

We'll show another view of the Zero G Roll here for reference to compare with the Corkscrew below.

A view of the Corkscrew.

Another look at the loop just because it looks so cool.

One would assume this mound of dirt must be flattened a bit.

End of the ride. The Corkscrew and Helix (lower left) are shown. The train comes out of the Helix, does a dip and hits the brakes.

A complete Talon. It looks even more impressive in person.

This view is from Sunday January 28 looking in from Hamilton Boulevard. I threw this one in just because I liked it. This is the "back" part of Talon, looking through Wildwater Kingdom. The Immelmann is to the right with the Zero G Roll at top left.

Article and pictures are 2001 by Joel Styer. All photos this page taken January 28, 2001 and February 02, 2001

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