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March 27, 2001 Construction Photo Gallery - 28 photos

A New Inverted Roller Coaster at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown, PA

by Joel Styer

Note: Due to the large number of photos on these pages, they may take a long time to load

In this, the seventh installment of Talon construction photos, we are going to look at:
  • The new walkways
  • The station construction
  • Some new shots of previously seen elements
  • The S-Turn and drop under the lift hill
  • The Corkscrew
  • The Helix
  • The Transfer and storage station
  • The trains
  • A few other odds and ends and some bad humor

Each successive visit has me more impressed with this ride than the last. It is absolutely astounding how it all fits so perfectly and every element appears to have a smooth transition to the next. It will be excitement right from the top of the lift up until the station brakes.

Most of these photos here have been shot with new camera equipment and optics. While there are growing pains any time you have to switch equipment, we hope the results are pleasing. As always, enjoy...

First up is the station. This was probably where the most work was being done during this visit.

Another view of the station.

The beginning of the lift hill and mechanism.

Photographers will be pleased to know there is going to be a walkway under the lift hill and first drop. In recent Dorney Park fashion, it will not just be simple paving but a much more graceful (and cooler) concrete walkway, shown here with fresh (wet!) concrete.

Another view of the Immelmann and Inclined Spiral. Words cannot say much more!

The middle portion of Talon.

After leaving the Inclined Spiral, you are treated to an S-Curve and an immediate dive under the lift hill. I personally cannot wait for this part.

Under the lift, you swing sideways to make the turn toward the Corkscrew.

Yes, you are on your side here which will probably make it easier to use the trash can shown here. Remember, a clean park is a happy park, even when on the ride!

In the foreground is the entry to the Corkscrew. Again, note how close it is to the ground by the height of the people.

A wider shot from above.

The track dives under the lift, snakes around the loop and enters the Corkscrew.

The Corkscrew.

After the Corkscrew, you enter the Helix. Entry is via the lower track on the right side of the photo.

Opposite side of Helix. Again, note how low it is to the ground.

The inside lateral supports for the Helix.

I just like this photo. Track on right is the helix track, looking backward from the direction of travel.

Note the final little dive and twist before we hop up to the brake run.

The brake & transfer track structure.

Same structure from Dorney Park side.

Again, notice the hop into the brake run and in the background how close the S-Curve gets to this structure. Are those trains we see in there?

Yes indeed they are! These are the back seats of both trains. The green is a perfect contrast against the structure and these photos do not do it justice. They really look great.

Side view of trains & storage area. Eight cars per train, four seats per row and there will be two trains total on the ride.

Another angle.

Sort of front view.

There is no mistaking the train manufacturer in this view. Also visible is the color scheme, which in my opinion, is excellent.

The little black building, next to the Immelmann is where you will be able to buy the on ride photo. The odd angles are from the extremely wide angle lens used, the building is really square.

Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom's PR guru, Mark Sosnowsky, holds up Talon for all to see. This photo gives a very clear idea how far off the ground the Helix really is (not). Of course you will be on your side when riding through it.

Article and pictures are 2001 by Joel Styer. All photos this page taken March 27, 2001

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