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April 20, 2001 Construction Photo Gallery - 23 photos
April 23, 2001 aerial photos by Brett Bekiarian - 3 photos

A New Inverted Roller Coaster at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown, PA

by Joel Styer

Note: Due to the large number of photos on these pages, they may take a long time to load

In this, the 8th installment of Talon construction photos, we are going to look at:
  • Overall (full) structure views from above 
  • The new walkways
  • Landscaping (which will really enhance this ride even more)
  • Finally some excellent aerial shots of Talon and the park

This ride may be a photographers dream.  A lot of it will be accessible for photography when operating with the queues situated within the ride structure and the numerous walkways around. Add in possible photos from the Train, Ferris Wheel and Wildwater Kingdom and you could use a lot of film.

This will be the last installment of photos without the ride operating. Opening is scheduled for Saturday, May 5, 2001 and the ride has been successfully tested (many times already). On with the photos....

Entry / Exit plaza

This is the main Entrance/Exit plaza, near Hang Time™. The entrance would be straight, taking you to the station on the inside portion of the ride. People exiting the ride would come from the viewers left. The path tot he right is a service road for buildings along the midway.

Exit area

The building is the on ride photo shop situated along the exit of the ride. The entrance is just visible on the right.

Service road

The service road between Talon and the midway buildings.

Not quite as close at it appears to be!

Sometimes the perspective of a photo shot is scary. In this view, it appears that the train would be a bit close to the fence and the tree. There is enough clearance (really). The train actually slips through the shorter part of the fence near the slightly left center of the photo.


One small example of how the landscaping is used to enhance the ride experience. You feet won't be too far off the ground during the ride.

Great Landscaping

The drop under the lift hill after the S-curve. The train would be coming toward you. Again, notice the tight banking, the train (well, you feet at least) almost appear to ride through a slight trough.


Finishing touches continues on the station.

Immelmann base close up

A look from the other side of the Immelmann, looking toward the rest of the ride. Notice the steps on the right side and the work lights.

Immelmann and Inclined Spiral

A wider view from above.

Back part of ride

Looking at the ride from the Immelmann (which is out of view to the left) end. That's a lot of metal in a small area.

Full ride view from above in Wildwater Kingdom

A full ride shot from a landing on Lightning Falls™

Full ride view from above in Wildwater Kingdom

Another view from the very top.

Lift, loop and more from above

Close-up of the lift hill end from Lightning Falls™

Station from above

Close-up of the station and zero G roll.


Immelmann and Inclined Loop.

Inclined Loop

The Inclined Loop (makes me hungry for a Pretzel every time I see this photo...).

Full ride view from Wildwater Kingdom

A more conventional view from inside Wildwater Kingdom™.


I just had to include this Corkscrew photo.

Loop and Corkscrew

Loop and Corkscrew.

Full ride from the Wild Mouse

Full ride from the top of the Wild Mouse. I could almost hear the words "Welcome to the Wild Mouse". Notice all the construction on the Midway as well.

Lift, Loop and Helix

The Lift Hill, Loop and Helix near the park entrance.

Back part of ride

The other end of the ride. Note the new stand toward the left center of the photo.

Immelmann and Inclined Loop

Close-up of the Immelmann and Inclined Loop.

Finally, we have some excellent April 23 aerial photos that just arrived. These were photographed by Brett Bekiarian and Jerry Katula (pilot and plane owner).

Talon, looking almost straight down at it! The Immelmann is not in the photo and would be just out of frame to the right. The park entrance in the left of the photo.

Talon's position is easily visible here between Wildwater Kingdom and the upper (entrance) midway

Above is the upper part of Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom. Hercules is in the bottom left, Steel Force in the bottom center and right. Talon is near the upper left.

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