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May 3, 2001 Media Day Photo Gallery - 20 photos
A New Inverted Roller Coaster at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown, PA

NOTE: Talon is scheduled to open with Dorney Park Saturday May 05, 2001

by Joel Styer

Note: Due to the large number of photos on these pages, they may take a long time to load

The following photos are from Talon's Media day. The news media and a number of ACE members rode Talon and it performed beautifully. Several people proclaimed it the best inverted coaster so far, no small complement considering the competition. I didn't hear one negative comment during the whole event, something that says a lot about the quality of the ride.

It is a very smooth and fast ride that has continuous action. Talon has several moments of air time, something lacking in many previous inverted coasters. It was also praised for it's quietness, you barely know it is operating. The "near misses" (where you think your feet will hit something) are very abundant here and the illusion works quite well in part due tot he excellent landscaping.

The only way to find out how great this ride is would be to head on out to Dorney Park and try it for yourself. 

The next Talon update should be Saturday, May 06/7, 2001, with a full review, pictures and more.

Excited riders take one of the first rides on Talon.

Those near misses are everywhere.

A few riders return  and are exiting the transfer area and heading back to the station.

Another apparent near miss.

The final helix is very low to the ground.

Talon is FUN!

A train navigates it's way through the loop.

Watch out for that tree!

Just after the drop under the lift hill. The shrubbery and landscaping are designed to produce a tighter looking ride.

Zero G roll,

The train flips right side up  for a brief moment at the exit of the Immelmann.

Twisting and turning some more.

You spend a good portion of the ride sideways as seen here.

A train flies around the inclined spiral.

Well, the light isn't really that close to the track. This photo does show some excitement by the riders.

Shooting up through the structure after the first drop.

A group of riders pull out of the loop.

A view of the back of the train just passing the point where the on ride photo will be taken - at the bottom of the dive under the lift  just past the S-Curve

The train is coming up on what has to be one of the best "close calls" if you are sitting in a right hand seat. Due to the angle and sudden appearance of the support, it really gives the impression you will hit your legs.

The train just passes the point described about. You can see how the train just twists downward in time.

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