Derby Racer

A horse racing ride similar to a very fast carousel without the poles

euclid-derby1.jpg (43140 bytes)

uparrow2a12.gif (882 bytes) The American Derby at Euclid Beach Park (defunct) in Cleveland, Ohio.

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uparrow2a12.gif (882 bytes) The Euclid ride was saved and moved to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio

The Derby Racer is similar to a Carousel but about twice as fast and the horses move forward and back and up and down like they are racing. There are four horses per row and there will be one winner for each row per ride.

The horses are only connected to the floor and are posed to look like they are racing at full speed. Rotational speed is about 6 RPM (10 seconds per rotation) but with the wide diameter of the rotating platform, the outside horses are quite fast (about 25MPH). The rotation is counter-clockwise.

There seems to have been at least five to six Derby Racers produced over the years. The ride was designed by Prior and Church (of rollercoaster fame) who also manufactured all but the UK unit. Three are still in operation. Two in the USA and one  in the UK. The Playland ride runs considerably faster than the one at Cedar Point.

The horses on the ride at Rye were carved by Illions.

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uparrow2a12.gif (882 bytes) The quite fast Derby Racer at Playland Park, Rye, NY

Operating Derby Racers
Cedar Point (Cedar Downs) Sandusky, OH
Playland (Derby Racer) 1928 Rye, NY
Blackpool Pleasure Beach UK

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