The Kiddie Tumble Bug (Kiddie Turtle)

With the popularity of the adult Tumble Bug, it was only natural that a kiddie size bug would become available. There are actually more kiddie versions operating than adult size ones.

The kiddie Tumble Bugs are basically just smaller versions of the full size Tumble Bug. Usually they have 3 cars and resemble turtles with a head, tail & feet added.

Tumble Bugs (full size)

R.E. Chambers seems to have produced most, if not all of the Kiddle Turtles. Ralph E. Chambers bought the Traver Engineering factory in 1932 and operated it until the early sixties.

This is only a partial list of operating rides

Bland's Park - Tipton, PA
Bushkill Park (Turtles) - Easton, PA
Geauga Lake - Aurora, OH
Idlewild Park - Ligonier, PA
Seabreeze Park - Rochester, NY
Strickers Grove (Turtles) - Ross, OH

Sylvan Beach (Turtles) - Sylvan Beach, NY


Kiddie Turtles at Bland's Park


lftarrow2a12.gif (879 bytes) Kiddie Turtles at Bland's Park in Tipton, PA


dnarrow2a12.gif (881 bytes) Kiddie Turtle ride at Bushkill Park in Easton, PA

Kiddie Turtles at Bushkill Park

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