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Tipton, PA

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Bland07.jpg (21304 bytes)As this photo and the next one show, the park was incredibly clean and well kept during my visit.
Bland15.jpg (17283 bytes)Still clean here.
Bland01.jpg (17995 bytes)In 1997, Bland's opened their new waterpark, the Tipton Waterworks. Just imagine a huge bucket of water being filled to the top and then dumped into the pool.
Bland02.jpg (26797 bytes)The park has a complete section devoted to rides for small kids.
Bland20.jpg (24959 bytes)Bland's has a kiddie Turtle ride. As with everything else there, it appears to be in excellent condition.
Bland03.jpg (19164 bytes)A plane ride called the Red Baron for young pilots.
Bland04.jpg (28775 bytes)Blands has a very nice Kiddie Carousel for those who are not quite yet old enough for the big one.
Bland05.jpg (47935 bytes)What would a classic amusement park be without a classic Ferris Wheel.
Bland06.jpg (24250 bytes)The Flying Scooters at Bland's Park.
Bland10.jpg (23748 bytes)The Casino ride is a giant roulette wheel which has a dual motion spinning action.
Bland11.jpg (30532 bytes)Another classic ride is the Flying Bobs.
Bland12.jpg (13248 bytes)Of course there is a Train. This one is manufactured by Chance.
Bland13.jpg (24741 bytes)The new (1995) Dodgem building. The old building was destroyed in a 1994 blizzard.
Bland14.jpg (11828 bytes)Bland's has a lot of groves to handle almost any size group. Most are in a   shaded area to keep cool but are still close to the park.
Bland16.jpg (32538 bytes)The parks Carousel. The 3 row ride was manufactured by Hershell-Spillman around 1924
Bland17.jpg (17088 bytes)The classic design of the Carousel building.
Bland18.jpg (13011 bytes)This rather strange looking building houses the parks Space Odyssey ride. It is an indoor Caterpillar ride themed as a light and sound experience.
Bland19.jpg (18299 bytes)A view inside Space Odyssey shows the cars. There is no cover on this Caterpillar. It still operates at a reasonably fast speed however.

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