Williams Grove Amusement Park
Williams Grove, PA

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This unique ticket booth is found near the Park Avenue entrance.

Below is a view of the midway looking toward the coaster. The rides are mostly located off the midway with most to the right when looking at this photo.


The Cyclone wood coaster still features the manual brake levers from days gone by

Passengers make their way up the lift hill just under the trees.

The Cyclone has a nice double dip on it's journey to the turn-around
The Cyclone has just negotiated the turn-around and begins it's journey back to the station.

On it's way back, the coaster travels directly below the outbound tracks.

uparrow2a12.gif (882 bytes) (left) A favorite moment of coaster enthusiasts is the "hop" just before entering the brake run. This portion was reprofiled several years ago and provides "some" nice airtime.


Allotria is the Funhouse at Williams Grove. It still features the rotating barrel or you can choose to bypass it if you wish.

Dante's Inferno

Dante's Inferno (right and below) is the park's classic dark ride with Pretzel cars.

Other Rides

The Bumper Cars at Williams Grove


Musik Express

The Carousel which features a variety of different animals

The Train ride runs through open areas of the park including a trip under the back turn of the Cyclone

Twister Water Slides

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