World's Oldest Roller Coaster before restoration.

For photos of this ride in operation after restoration,  click here


This and the photo below show the figure-eight layout of the ride

Full View of Ride

Lift Hill

The lift hill in need of work.

Leap-The-Dips is the worlds oldest standing roller coaster, being built in 1902. Located at Lakemont Park in Lakemont (Altoona), PA, the ride had stood idle for several years. It is being fully rebuilt for the 1999 operating season. Leap-The-Dips is the only "side friction" roller coaster left in North America. The ride is very gentle, with only small drops (dips), averaging about 10 MPH. A project by the American Coaster Enthusiasts and Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters (PTC) restored one of the cars used on the ride to its original condition and original color.

Leap-The-Dips was designed and built in 1902 by Edward Joy Morris (E. Joy Morris Company). The ride is 1452 feet long and 41 feet high.

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Leap-The-Dips Preservation Foundation

Donations can be sent to:

Leap-The-Dips Preservation Foundation
700 Park Avenue Altoona PA 16602
(814) 949-7275  Fax: (814) 949-9207

See here for donation details

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Leap-The-Dips is at Lakemont Park which is located at:

Lakemont Park
700 Park Avenue
Altoona, PA 16602

FAX (814) 949-9207

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All photo are copyright Joel W Styer and were taken during July and August of 1998.

Lift Hill

Rotted Track

These pictures show the deterioration of the ride through 1998.

Front half of Ride

Rotted Track

Notice how rotted the wood is. Almost all is being replaced during the re-construction.

More Rotted Track

Brake Run

Center Structure - Crossover


Above: Demolition has begun

New Stuff

Above: The new part of the station is in place and is used for steam bending of the wood.

New Wood

Above: Lots of nice, new wood ready for mounting

Old Car

Above: Leap-The-Dips car sitting inside the station for display

Below: Car restored by the American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) on display in the museum

Restored Car

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