Unique Rides & Attractions at Pennsylvania Parks

[Traver's Auto Race at Kennywood]Auto Race - Kennywood Park

The Kennywood Auto Race is the last remaining Traver Auto Ride in existence. The cars are electric powered and move quite fast. They run in a wooden trough and the ride is almost like a maze.

[Dutch Wonder House]Dutch Wonder House - Dutch Wonderland

This ride is an adaptation of the old haunted swing ride. You sit in a seat inside the house while the house rotates around you providing the illusion that you are moving much more than you are. This type of ride is starting to make a revival in other parks and tourist locations.

Idlewild Park has a similar attraction.

[Knoebel's Ring Machine]Grand Carousel - Knoebel's Amusement Resort

One of the few carousels left with an operating ring machine. Knoebels operates the ride very traditionally, ringing the bell as appropriate during the start of the ride and when the ring machine is either engaged and retracted. Add in the band organ music (from one of several machines!) and the fact that a brass ring still gets you a free ride, and you have the classic carousel experience.

Bushkill Park aslo uses a ring machine on their Carousel at times.

[Kennywood's Flying Coaster the "Kangaroo"]Kangaroo - Kennywood Park

This is the only known operating Flying Coaster ride in the USA.

The ride follows a circular track with a single "hump" in it. As the cars pick up speed, they "fly" over the hump. A shock absorption system provides a smooth landing.

[Leap the Dips 1998]Leap the Dips - Lakemont Park

The only surviving side-friction roller coaster in the North America is also the oldest roller coaster in the World. This ride is now open again after a massive renovation. This is a must ride for any true coaster fan. More information about this ride is located here

[Kennywood's Noah's Ark]Noah's Ark - Kennywood Park

This was one of the most interesting funhouses ever mass produced and they were once everywhere but now there are only two left in the world. And this is the only Noah's Ark left in North America. The ride was completely refurbished by Kennywood for the 1997 season.

Kennywood RacerRacer - Kennywood Park

While there are other racing roller coasters, they are usually made of two separate tracks. This one has a single, continuous track, also called a "mobius" design. If you start on the left side in the station, you will finish on the right side. This 76 foot tall ride was designed by coaster master John Miller in 1927. At several points, the two tracks are so close, you can actually hold hands with people on the train you are racing. This is one of only two mobius coasters left in North America (the other is in Mexico City, Mexico).

Other Rides of Note

Pennsylvania is also home to:

  • The two remaining Tumble Bugs (Kennywood & Conneaut Lake)
  • Two of the last few remaining Caterpillars (Bland's & Idlewild)
  • Two of the last remaining Fun Houses with a barrel (Bushkill, Williams Grove)
  • Three traditional style Dark Rides.
  • Many of the remaining small traditional parks

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