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A New Racing/Dueling Wood Roller Coaster at Hersheypark® in Hershey, PA
May 13/14, 2000 Photos

by Joel Styer

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Lightning Racer

In 1996, Hersheypark brought us the Wildcat. In 1998, they installed the wonderful Great Bear. Two fantastic coasters. Then, for the year 2000, they installed the first racing/dueling coaster - the Lightning Racer. The ride opened May 13, 2000 and instantly became a favorite.

Photo Pages
RideZone covered construction and the opening of Lightning Racer. Following are some of the photos from the more than 70 that were shown here:

Select shots of Lightning Racer
Broad and overhead photos
Close-up shots of trains
Station photos
Beginning of ride photos
Dueling photos
Racing photos
Finish line photos

Lightning Racer specs:

Designer: Great Coasters International Inc. of Sunbury, PA, the same firm that designed the Wildcat

Type: Racing/Dueling

Top speed: 51 MPH

Lift Hills: 90 feet high (each)

Track length: 3400 feet long per track

Trains: 12 car Millennium Flyer trains by Great Coasters International

Train names: Lightning (red) and Thunder (Green) -  Note that the trains on the Comet, which were named Lightning and Thunder will be renamed

Special features: Great station, very little flat track and a surprise in the tunnel

Aerial photo

Overview photo

Photos of the Lightning Racer

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