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The new for 2001 inverted Roller Coaster at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown, PA

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Complete View of Talon. Wow!

The excellent Neon sign at the entrance to Talon.

You must be 54" Tall to ride Talon.

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The journey begins... Here we go, out of the station and up the lift hill. We disengage the chain and away we go.
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A closer view of a train just exiting the lift hill Down the curving drop. Around the loop behind the Hot Shot photos
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Bottom of the first drop flying up into the vertical loop. Another view of the loop Exiting the loop, we fly up over the station.
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Talon through the loop at night with the moon visible. This view shows just how delightfully twisted the track is at one end of Talon. Next, we head into the Zero G roll.
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Another view Another view Yet another view
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One last view of the Zero G Roll Full view of the Immelmann and Inclined Spiral A train dives out of the Immelmann
20010531s-11.jpg (57534 bytes) 20010533s-14.jpg (56529 bytes) 20010540-09.jpg (48732 bytes)
At full speed, we go underground. Up and around we go. Twisting right side up.
20010532s-08.jpg (38385 bytes) 20010513-26-600.jpg (71984 bytes) 20010533s-21.jpg (68277 bytes)
A quick dive down over the queue line. Around the Inclined Spiral and over the entrance/exit. The tree isn't really that close.
20010514-11.jpg (51730 bytes) 20010514-12.jpg (69833 bytes) 20010530s-08.jpg (84068 bytes)
Coming off the Immelmann, we head for the Inclined Spiral. We shoot up through the Inclined Spiral pulling a few positive Gs. Around we go.
20010514-35.jpg (66951 bytes) 20010514-24.jpg (83297 bytes) 20010533s-10.jpg (48009 bytes)
We are going through the S-Turn At the exit of the S-Turn, a quick dive lifts us from our seat! But, it appears to be a close fit before we get the air time.
20010531s-36.jpg (59927 bytes) 20010532s-10.jpg (50033 bytes) 20010533s-05.jpg (42184 bytes)
Yeah, looks close here. And from the other side too. Another close call.
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We dive down under the lift hill. At the bottom of this dive, remember to smile for the camera. As soon as you smile though, you will be sideways (again).
20010540-07.jpg (51373 bytes) 20010531s-20.jpg (51971 bytes) 20010514-25.jpg (87764 bytes)
Really sideways. Then we zip around into the Corkscrew. A view of the Corkscrew from the opposite side.
20010514-13.jpg (83121 bytes) 20010533s-03aa.jpg (59807 bytes) 20010540-01.jpg (125512 bytes)
The Corkscrew is stuffed in between a lot of other track. Exiting the Corkscrew you have to watch out for those rocks! Yet again you find yourself sideways.
20010540-17.jpg (66756 bytes) 20010540-21.jpg (62422 bytes) 20010531s-34.jpg (58487 bytes)
Into the Helix we go. Counter-clockwise this time. Past the Carousel.


20010530s-02.jpg (63368 bytes) 20010531s-35.jpg (45851 bytes) 20010533s-02.jpg (59781 bytes)
Watch out for that tree! One of the best effects on the ride is this pillar near the end . From any right side seat, you swear you are going to hit it! Finally a quick hop takes us up to the brake run and the end of our ride on Talon.

Talon The Grip of Fear information and construction/press day photos

Welcome to RideZone's Talon construction page. This site will showcase the construction of Dorney park's newest ride sensation - Talon, what is sure to be one of the most anticipated new coasters for the 2001 season. These pages will be updated as new photos become available every few weeks.

Talon sign

Talon Quick Specs

Designer: Bolliger and Mabillard (B&M) of Monthey, Switzerland

Type: Steel Inverted

Top speed: 58 MPH

Lift Hill: 135 feet high

Track length: 3110 feet

Trains: Two, eight row, four across seating.

Special features: Four inversions - vertical loop (outside), Immelmann, Corkscrews - also spirals and S-curve.

Talon Photo Pages
Plenty of construction photos

May 03, 2001  ( 20 photos)
Media Day for Talon

April 25, 2001  ( 15 photos)

April 20, 2001  ( 26 photos)

March 27, 2001  ( 28 photos)

February 02, 2001 ( 15 photos)

January 23, 2001 ( 35 photos)

January 15, 2001 ( 29 photos)

December 21, 2000 ( 22 photos)

November 22, 2000 archive (24 photos)

November 02, 2000 archive (19 photos)

more photos coming soon.

 Additional Information

Additional information is available at the Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom web site at www.dorneypark.com


A view of the Talon site when construction had just begun.

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